Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Protecting your home by Foil Loft Insulation | Under Floor Insulation

Losing heat through the space between the roof and top of a house, otherwise known as the loft, is a major contributor to high energy bills in cool climate residences. Major savings can be made by insulating this space, both its floor and the areas which mark the underside of the roof. Foilloft insulation, a product developed by Therma-Foil, is the leading solution currently in the market for this problem.

Foil loft insulation reduces radiant heat transfer by up to 97%. It also reduces heat loss from conduction as foil insulation is laminated to a 2.5mm closed cell foam, acting as a further insulator. 

This means that foil loft insulation from Therma-Foil achieves a greater reduction in heat loss with less material used than any other insulation material currently on the market. The savings to be made from investing in this product are substantial therefore.

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